Give Thanks to FUSIO DOSES!!

As we fall into the holiday season, we've been discussing what products and hair treatments we are thankful for at the salon. There's nothing like a go-to treatment or product that you feel like you can't live with out. One in particular is Kérastase's much-loved Fusio Dose! When our clients hear that a 5 minute treatment could help their hair recover from its awful past,

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5 Reasons Every Woman Needs Blowouts

Blowouts change lives. Period. I know what some of you may be thinking;...."It’s silly,.. I can totally do that!". It's ok, if you are one of the ones thinking that going to the salon to have your hair washed, dried and styled is a waste, you aren’t alone. I WAS like you! (in a previous life.) Yes, it is something you could technically do yourself,

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