We Recycle Your Hair

wash. | a salon and blowdry lounge is proud to participate in the Clean Wave Program created by the non-profit Matter Of Trust.

Here are the details of the program:

You shampoo because hair collects oil!

Hair, fur, fleece clippings, and feathers soak up oils from the skin, air pollution, ocean oil spills… etc. etc.

Matter of Trust established the Clean Wave program to collect hair clippings and other waste fiber donations. They produce hair mats and “booms” (sausage shape), and coordinate with large-scale public efforts to clean contaminated water ways and storm drains. This program provides the public with safe, non-hazardous, hands-on, volunteer empowering solutions, and green jobs to help combat major oil spills and common motor oil contamination of waterways.

Check out the press coverage of Clean Wave, including articles from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal: Recent Press


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