Kerastase Hair Masque Guide for the Fall Transition

Getting in the habit of using a masque is crucial to keep your hair strong and healthy. Our poor little hair strands go through so much on a daily basis. Whether we color our hair, add heat to our locks to create the perfect hairstyle or simply bear the change of seasons between the summer heat and the chilling winters, your hair needs extra protection to lock in its moisture.

What is a Hair Masque?

A hair masque is a deep conditioning treatment for your lovely locks.  Masques are used to add moisture to the hair. They prevent frizz and breakage, and make your hair soft and shiny, giving your hair the extra love it deserves.

How Often Should I Use a Hair Masque?

Hair masques should only be used once a week, unless they specify otherwise. These products are heavily concentrated and can give you build up if you use to0 much. You should also consider how heavy the hair masque is for your hair when choosing a regimen. Using the right amount at the right intervals will leave you with a luscious head of hair.

kerastase hair model with salon quality hairstyle blowing in the wind

Which Kérastase Hair Masque is Right for Me?

Kérastase strives to be very specific for your unique hair care needs. This is one of the many reasons why I love their product line! They have 10 amazing masques to choose from, but which one is right for you?

Nutritive Line – Kerastase’s  nourishing solution for all levels of dry hair looking for nourishment is designed to make your hair supple and irresistibly soft to the touch. For dry hair to the most severely dry hair, these masques target dry symptoms to replenish and restore the hair’s surface. This regimen is perfect for anyone who wants to restore their hair’s nutrition and leave hair feeling soft and silky.

creme magistale mask nourish your hair

Choose Masqueintense Thick – For normal to dry and extremely sensitized, thick hair

Choose Masqueintense Fine – For normal to dry and extremely sensitized fine hair

Masque Magistral – For dry to severely dry hair

Discipline Line – Discipline your unruly hair to achieve smooth or define your naturally curly hair for shape with Kerastase’s Discipline masque treatment. By using  Morpho- Keratine technology, it restores inner flexibility and weightlessly disciplines the outer fiber for perfect hair movement while taming frizz and protecting against humidity.

Maskeratin – Smooth-in-motion mask provides maximum frizz control and extreme softness

  • Provides maximum frizz control, extreme softness, and suppleness
  • Seals hair ends to help prevent future blowdry damage
  • For Fine to Coarse, Unmanageable Hair

curly hair model beautiful curls

Masque Curl Ideal – Nourishing hair masque for tight, thick curls that tames volume at the root and promotes all-day frizz control.

  • Reduces volume at the root
  • Adds intensive curl nourishment
  • Offers frizz control
  • Provides fiber suppleness and strength

elixir ultime model blonde hair big curls

Elixir Ultime Line – A powerful blend of elixirs featuring Argan Oil, Camellia Oil, Maize Oil & Pracaxi Oil create a luxurious hair care masque founded on the power of oils. This iconic masque is  deeply nourishing and illuminates hair for a soft, weightless feel. This regimen is perfect for all hair types who want nourishment, softness, and the iconic Elixir Ultime shine.

Elixir Ultime Masque –

  • Revives the natural strength of hair
  • Provides nourishment deep into the hair fiber
  • Gives hair ultimate shine
  • Leaves hair feeling weightless
  • Penetrates to the deepest of the hair fiber

kerastase masque force architecte

Resistance Force Architect Line – Designed to reconstruct weakened or damaged hair from heat styling or other re-occurring mechanical damage, our hair care masque rebuilds the hair fiber from roots to ends, helping to prevent breakage and split ends.

This masque is perfect for anyone with weakened or damaged hair who wants to strengthen and protect hair from further breakage.

for brittle, damaged hair at erosion levels 1-2

  • Provides instant detangling and lightweight conditioning
  • Rebuilds and strengthens the hair fiber
  • Each fiber is reconstructed, revitalized, shiny, and smooth
  • Hair is completely reconstructed from inside out
  • Helps prevent breakage and split ends

therapiste masque dry hair damaged hair

Resistance Thérapiste Line – Reparative Bandage Treatment Fiber Renewal care for thick hair. The thick, creamy reparative masque deeply nourishes and works at the very core of the hair, for very damaged, over-processed thick hair.

  • The hair is deeply repaired at its core
  • The hair fiber regains its strength and elasticity
  • Hair is toned and revitalized

Masque Densite – Replenish and revive thinning hair lacking density to enhance thickness and replenish strands. Densifying technologies including Hyaluronic Acid and Intra-Cyclane® create plump, hydrated locks that strengthen the hair and protect against further stress. This regimen is perfect for anyone who wants texturized hair for fuller, thicker hair with more body.


  • Hyaluronic acid: A natural mineral that helps hair attract and retain moisture; capable of holding 1000x’s its own weight in water, it creates a plump, hydrated hair fiber
  • Gluco-Peptide:Restores a smooth, uniform surface to the hair cuticle to increase shine and resiliency
  • Ceramide:A lipid that strengthens the hair fiber while protecting against further hair stress

chronologiste mask revitalize

Creme Chronologiste Revitalizing Masque – Experience a masterpiece of formulation for total hair and scalp renewal with our most luxurious hair care collection, featuring the highest concentration of the unique and exceptionally rare abyssine for unrivaled scalp regeneration. This regimen is perfect for all hair types who want their hair feeling nourished, regenerated and light with a soft, velvety touch.

  • Delivers smoothness, shine, and soft to the touch results
  • Strengthens and regenerates the hair fiber
  • Deeply nourishes the hair and scalp delivering total hair revitalization

Reflection Line – A hair care collection designed to maintain and preserve color intensity of colored hair. Capture color perfection with our patented technology that nourishes and gives extra protection to hair color from oxidative stress linked to UV rays. This regimen is perfect for anyone with color-treated hair who wants to maintain long-lasting color and brilliant shine.

chroma riche model color treated hair

Masque Chroma Riche

  • Nourishing masque that protects and boosts radiance for dry, highlighted or color-treated hair

Masque Chroma Captive

  • Shine intensifying masque for color-treated hair

For more information, you can visit the Kérastase website here.

Using a high-quality masque weekly will help nourish your hair back to health and help it deal with the changing seasons. These deep moisturizers are a girl’s best friend in the fight to keep hair strong and vibrant. With the help of the Kérastase hair masque guide, you now have all the resources to pick the right one for your specific needs.

If you’re interested in trying one out, pop in to wash. for a blowdry and style, where you can add a masque treatment for an additional $15.


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