5 Reasons Every Woman Needs Blowouts

Blowing out hair

5 Reasons Every Woman Needs Blowouts

Blowouts change lives. Period.

I know what some of you may be thinking;….”It’s silly,.. I can totally do that!”. It’s ok, if you are one of the ones thinking that going to the salon to have your hair washed, dried and styled is a waste, you aren’t alone. I WAS like you! (in a previous life.) Yes, it is something you could technically do yourself, and that’s what most women may initially think. Some may succeed, but the truth is, there are just certain things that can’t be done at home or on oneself, and I assure you the full-potential of those locks are not being reached! There are many facets to a great blowdry, and I’m pretty confident you won’t be able to recreate these 5 things at home! Trust me, I’ve tried!

Everyone has different reasoning for their blowouts-obviously to look good-but there’s so much more. Let me explain:


Clearly this is the first reason that comes to mind when you think of a blowout.  I always say, “No one can do your hair like someone else.” Sounds a little confusing, but it’s true! In the salon we can work our magic to make your hair look better than it does at home. Hands-down!

Even as a hairstylist; There is no comparison from when one of my wash. girls gives me an amazing blowdry, versus a struggling, at-home, solo attempt to reach the back of my head for an hour, and ultimately still looking like a hot sweaty mess at the end of it!… No contest. It is just IMPOSSIBLE to get all of those angles on your own. Plus you save yourself the torturous workout…Unless you’re into that sort of thing. ; )

Beauty Portrait. Curly Hair

When we look good, we feel good. My favorite client is one who becomes  transformed into another person. Not literally obviously, but there’s a moment at the end of a blowout when you can just feel the woman in your chair change. She carries herself differently, acts a little differently, and looks at the beautiful lady staring back at her in the mirror differently. This happens to everyone on some level (I hope!) but my absolute favorite is when the client is new to the world of blowdries. There’s a level of wonder & joy that is a truly beautiful thing. Blowouts give confidence. Call me shallow,  but it’s true!I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it, and I love it.

Hair Dresser Cutting Hair To Beautiful Girl In Hair Salon

I would say that one of the #1 reasons women come in for regular blowouts is to shorten their mornings. Yep. A good blowout will LAST. An hour of your time and $40 later, you are set for the week! Now I’m not saying you won’t need a little maintenance of your own, cause it may require some tlc. But to be able to say “I woke up like this” all week is a seriously amazing feeling.

beauty and people concept - happy young woman with hairdresser at hair salon.

Clients are always asking how to keep their hair healthy. Of course the big ones are good products, minimal heat-styling, and regular trims. (ALL very important). But so are blowouts! If you want a worry-free way for your hair to improve without even lifting a finger (literally), then do yourself a favor and schedule regular blowouts. At the salon, we use the best shampoos, the best conditioners, the best heat-protectants, the best styling products and the best hot tools! Seriously-THE BEST! Not to mention, when you do your hair less it thanks you. The oils from your scalp are essential to healthy growth and the less you mess with those ends, the better! Blowouts people,… blowouts.

Beauty portrait of a female fashion model with curly hair

Sometimes, it isn’t about the hair at all. People joke that hairdressers are like therapists. Stop joking! It’s true! We all live crazy, busy, stressful lives these days and usually a blowdry is just what the Doctor ordered. A weekly blowout gives you an hour of your stylist’s time to talk, cry, laugh, complain or just sit and enjoy some peace and quiet. Hell, read a trashy magazine even! I know we all wish we could indulge in a bit of celebrity smut a little more often. This is your time to relax, get a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, and enjoy yourself. Enjoy that amazing scalp massage that I know you can’t do at home! That in itself can be therapeutic, let me tell you.

Beautiful brown haired with stylish short hairstyle.

At the end of the day, we are all looking for something to make our lives a little easier and a little better right? One simple hour-long trip to the salon not only gives you a confidence boost and amazing locks, it gives you more time to do what you want. Time to relax, time to sleep in, time to actually be with your family, maybe more time for smutty magazines….whatever! In 2016 we are all short on time – get a little extra at wash.

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