Give Thanks to FUSIO DOSES!!

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Give Thanks to FUSIO DOSES!!

As we fall into the holiday season, we’ve been discussing what products and hair treatments we are thankful for at the salon. There’s nothing like a go-to treatment or product that you feel like you can’t live with out.

One in particular is Kérastase’s much-loved Fusio Dose!

When our clients hear that a 5 minute treatment could help their hair recover from its awful past, they are instantly intrigued… Why wouldn’t you try a treatment tailored to your specific hair needs?

So just in case your hair could use some extra love, let’s get into a couple common questions and pro tips about Fusio Doses.

What is a Fusio Dose?

A Fusio Dose is a highly concentrated and powerful formula that uses the most effective active ingredients in the Kérastase systems.

How does that benefit you?

It is so concentrated that it penetrates the cuticle in just 5 minutes for an instant hair transformation!

The formulas are divided into 4 concentrates and 5 boosters that fuse together to create 20 personalized combinations, uniquely tailored to your specific needs.

What are the Fusio Dose Concentrés?

Concentré Oléo-Fusion: For instant nutrition and softness

Concentré Pixelist: Intensifies colored hair and adds radiance and vibrancy

Concentré Vita-Ciment: Repairs split ends and brittleness

 Concentré Densifique: Thickens and adds volume


What are the Benefits of the Boosters?
Booster Brillance: Enjoy 5 times more radiance
Booster Densité: Get hair fibers that are intensely textured
Booster Reconstruction: Results in 50% less breakage during brushing
Booster Discipline: Bring 3 times more discipline to stubborn frizz

Booster Nutrition: Treat your hair to 3 times more nutrition

Colored Hair? Fusio Dose Has You Covered!

Fusio Doses will strengthen hair and prolong color results between color appointments. They can be used as a pre-color treatment to prepare hair for optimal color absorption to help nourish, reconstruct and prime hair. As a post-color treatment they lock-in color at the roots to help maintain hair highlights, or at mid-lengths and ends for ombre and balayage hair.

Yes, That’s Right! It Only Takes 5 Minutes!!

I feel like most of us have an issue with wanting to get a treatment but not wanting to wait another 15-20 minutes for it to process. We all love going to the salon, but the quicker the service the happier we are – especially when we have a super busy day ahead of us!

Well that has all come to an end with the power of Fusio Doses…

This 5 min treatment is the perfect quick fix to add to your service. It replaces the need for a conditioner, so in reality you are hardly losing any time!

Beauty time.
These Treatments Can Last 4 to 6 Weeks

That’s right, ladies – no bad hair days for up to 6 weeks.

Imagine walking out your door every morning with healthy radiant hair swaying in the breeze… What a great investment to keep your hair looking its best between appointments!

Using Kerastase products will also help keep the longevity of each Fusio Dose treatment, so you might consider picking up shampoo and conditioner from your favorite Kérastase salon.

Be sure to ask your stylist which system is right for you!

So What Should You Know About Fusio Doses?
Beautiful hair woman curly hairstyle female. Color background. Pink

Kérastase Fusio Doses just might be your new best friend. The powerful and restorative formulas provide an extremely impressive range of benefits. From strengthening hair to prolonging color results, these 5 minute treatments can make your hair feel amazing and look even better.

If you would like to experience the power of a Fusio Dose firsthand, please make a reservation by using our website contact page, or calling (619) 564-3757.

If you would like to experience the power of a Fusio Dose firsthand, please make a reservation by using our website contact page, or calling (619) 564-3757.

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